Global talent scheme and independent program

Global Talent Independent Program

Global Talent Independent Program

The Global Talent Program is designed to attract the best global talent to Australia and stimulate innovation and growth in the economy. The program was first piloted in 2018 to attract international talent for STEM startups and is now available to other future-focused and technology sectors, such as Mining and Energy Technology and AgTech.

There are two visa streams in this program, these are:

  • 1. Employer-Sponsored Program Established Business Stream (GTES)
  • 2. Start-Up Stream

Established employers who have an agreement in place with the Immigration Department can sponsor up to 20 applicants per year over 5 years. The business must be an accredited and current Standard Business Sponsor. There is a minimum annual earnings requirement which is set at the Fair Work High Income Threshold which for FY 20/21 is $153,600.

Start-up businesses can sponsor up to 5 applicants per year. This stream allows employers to sponsor start-ups operating in a technology or STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) related field. Start-ups must be endorsed by the independent GTS start-up advisory panel. In order to gain endorsement, the business will need to have received an investment of at least $50,000 from an investment fund registered as an Early Stage Venture Capital Limited Partnership or received an Accelerating Commercialisation Grant. There is a minimum annual earnings requirement of no less than $80,000 which can be made up of partial equity and cash.

Occupation Lists

The GTS Agreement must specify the occupations that are to be filled over the 5 years. Unlike the standard sponsorship program, the occupations do not have to be listed in the approved list of occupations used in the 482 and 186 (Employer Nominated Scheme) programs and sponsors can apply to have their occupations approved by Immigration.

Age Requirement

Applicants applying for permanent residence under visa subclass 186 will generally be eligible to apply up to the age of 55 years. An increase in the age limit can be negotiated

Labour Market Testing

The sponsor is required to test the local labour market which requires the business to advertise the position as per labour market testing requirements.

Global Talent Independent Program

The program offers a streamlined variety of priority visa pathway for highly skilled individuals to work and live permanently in Australia and is designed to strengthen Australia’s ability to compete for the world’s best and brightest skilled migrants and grow Australian businesses of the future.

The eligibility requirements for the program include that the candidate:

  • - is highly skilled and internationally recognized in one of seven target sectors (listed below); and
  • - has the ability to earn the Fair Work High Income Threshold (currently $153,600).
  • In assessing whether a candidate is likely to have the ability to meet this salary threshold, the Department will consider current salary or future job offers; as well as candidates who have recently graduated or are soon to graduate with PhDs or Masters qualifications in the target sectors.

    The Global Talent Independent (GTI) Program

    The Global Talent Independent (GTI) Program provides PR to highly skilled or talented individuals in industries of future growth.

    The Global Talant Independent Program provides direct PR, allowing visa holders to come to Australia without a Travel Exemption – a key benefit in an era of international travel restrictions.

    The visa process requires a very high standard of skills and talent. Applicants must:

    • - Be internationally recognised with exceptional achievements in their field
    • - Be considered an asset to Australia in their field
    • - Have continued prominence and have no difficulty obtaining employment in Australia
    • - Be nominated as global talent by a recognised organisation or individual in Australia, although the applicant will not need to be employed by the nominator.
    • - Have the ability to earn at or above the Fair Work High Income threshold – currently AUD $153,600.

    A person can express their interest for the GTI Program and if invited, can apply through the Subclass 858 Distinguished Talent Visa.



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