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Australia has become a popular destination for international students. Australia has fascinated students for a multitude of reasons but the topmost is the lifestyle it promises. Depends on where you choose to live, Australia offers a unique lifestyle that attracts millions of visitors to its shores each year. Thanks to a combination of sunny weather, breathtaking natural landscapes and diverse cities, many Australians have adopted a laid-back, outdoorsy way of living that's become a big drawcard for students visiting the country. Its a best option for students to stay and study in Australia because it's less than American and other countries. Higher student income by international student work permit is added to Australia popularity.

Universities And Higher Education

As an international student on a student visa, you must study with an institution and in a course that is registered on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS). CRICOS registration guarantees that the course and the institution at which you study meet the high standards expected by international students. You can study at all levels of education from primary and secondary school, to vocational education and training (VET), from English language courses to higher education (including universities). Regardless of what you are studying or how long you are studying for, Australia's laws promote quality education and protection for international students.

Student Fees Structure

Most of the top colleges and universities are located in Australia. Indian students prefer to student in Australia among other countries.Fees is differ from university to university and depends on the course you choose. Australia education provide scholarship of international students based on merit of academy. Consult the provider you are applying for further advice and information. Many are available to students. Many of all nationalities.

Expenses For Living

There is a lot to spend in Australia, But you need not to panic.It all depends on how you wish to live.You would end by spending between AUD1000-AUD1250 for a unit (single person for a month). It varies by entertainment you encourage. It completely depends on how you wish to live in Australia. It also enjoys a high level of health awareness, an excellent medical system as well as political stable economy.

Loan Opportunities

It is most important for international students to look aYer financials.To help international students most of the banks provide loans to reach their dreams. SBI,HDFC,ICICI,IDFC,RBI ETC.. offer loan to students at minimum interest.

Job Opportunities To Live

International student is eligible to work 20 hours in a week to earn expenses to survive.The jobs may varied for on-campus jobs and also local jobs even universities can offer internships. The industries employed for students are administrative, hospitality, Fuel stations, Super markets and so on. Australia offers excellent post students opportunities to work.

Australia Cultural

Australian culture is different from your home country culture. You will probably notice difference in your lifestyle. Australians are quite casual and informal. For example, most Australian students refer to their lecturers and tutors by their first names. Australians expect everyone to be treated equally. It is customary to thank shop assistants and other service staff when they assist you. It is important to be on time in Australia — it is polite to inform if you are going to be late for an appointment

Safety Measures

As Australia is a multicultural country it always welcome international students. Australia is not free for crime. Every student as vulnerable Situations to overcome the problem they go through by knowing all the emergency services provided by the government. Australian government as established a hotline for students.

Most Australians will be happy to help you if you're unsure of something and always ready to guide you.



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