Spouse Visa Australia in 2022

Spouse Visa

Australia is truly a country of dreams for a lot of young scholars, businessmen and professionals from India who are aspiring to settle there. Immigrants find affordable cost of living and easy work avenues the key factors to live in Australia. English is the official language over there. So, it is very easy for Indians to settle down in the country as Australia has a huge number of Indians in its states. We have been serving migrants in India over the years. We can help you all the time if you want to apply for an Australia Spouse Visa.

The Australian spouse visa process is quite complex and requires a lot of time and effort. You will need to gather evidence for all the required documents and meet certain eligibility criteria before applying for a spouse visa.

It is important that the primary applicant has sufficient funds to support his/her partner during her stay in Australia.The blog provides all relevant information regarding the application process as well as financial requirements.

Australian Partner Visa Categories

There are three broad categories of the partner visa:

1. Temporary partner visa

The application for a partner visa in Australia is a 2-stage process. The first stage entails getting the temporary partner visa which is a provisional visa for de facto and spouses partners of Australian Citizens. Typically, partners qualify for the permanent partner visa two years after applying for the temporary partner visa.

2. Permanent partner visa

In most cases, partners need to prove that they have stayed for two years with their Australian partner after acquiring the temporary partner visa. There are exceptions to this rule. You may qualify for the permanent visa without having to wait for two years if:

  • You have five years or more of marriage or de facto relationship with your Australian partner
  • There are dependent children in your two years or more marriage or de facto relationship
  • You were in a documented relationship with your spouse before obtained a protection visa or permanent visa

3. Prospective spouse visa

The prospective spouse visa is for fiancés and fiancées of future Australian marriage partners. The prospective spouse visa allows you to stay in Australia for nine months, during which period you can marry in the country and apply for a partner visa.

Eligibility Requirements for a Spouse Visa in Australia

The main eligibility requirement for a Spouse Visa Australia is that the relationship should be long-term and genuine.

  • - You and your spouse live together on a permanent basis.
  • - You must have been in a spouse relationship for the last 12 months
  • - You both must pass health and character criteria.

Main Exceptions for a Permanent Partner Visa

You don’t need to complete 2 years of living in Australia with your partner to transition from temporary to permanent partner visa if:

  • You have 5 or more years of proof of relationship or marriage with your Australian partner.
  • You have dependent children in your marriage or relationship. Length of your relationship must be over two years.
  • You were in a documented relationship with your spouse before they obtained a protection visa or permanent visa.



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