Why Australia Among Other Countries

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Australia is an increased popular study destination with international students across the globe. For many students Australia may represent a better study destination than other popular alternative. Currently Australia is standing as a third most popular country for international students. Many students choose to study in Australia because of friendly nature, high quality of education and cultural diversity. Incredible nature, vibrant cities, top universities, cool atmosphere and several oceans are someone the reasons students choose Australia to study. Australia as huge opportunities for students.

Welcoming Place To Live

Australia is fantastic place to live. It provides multicultural society with population that originates from around 200 countries. Australia cities are safe and clean, with low crime rates. The lifestyle and quality of living in Australia is best among the world. Australia cities ranked as top ten most liveable cities. MELBOURNE , SYDNEY , ADELAIDE are ranked as second ,fifth and tenth respectively , feat not achieved by any US or UK city. Apart from being a great place its first rate in education

Education Program

Many international students choose to study overseas to gain exposure and improve their career opportunities . Australia have universities that work in close partnership with industries and organisations that offer particular learning for international student. Universities are located in both rural and urban area in Australia. Studying abroad in any country is most expensive choosing to study in Australia either than USA or UK is easily affordable.Compare to Australia USA and UK are cost of studying is slightly higher. higher. Even though Australia has small population, it has large numbers of colleges and world class universities. Australia education is high-regarded by employees around the world and creates a rewarding career.

Employment Opportunities

Universities offers internship or work opportunities to their selected students. If you truly enjoy study time line Australia you maybe tempted to stay long in Australia. APer completion of graduation students can stay with temporary graduate visa and continue working in Australia. In other countries like (US,UK,Canada,Europe) are not permi9ed to work aPer your graduation. You are only eligible if you are selected in IT companies. But in Australia you have many facilities to work not only in it companies there are many other way of opportunities to work further aPer graduation . So most students are interested and passionate to study in Australia

Better Value For Money

International students with student visa can work in Australia. Students can work, fulltime during vacations and permi9ed to work for uptown 40 hours per fortnight while studying. Its not hard to find part-time jobs in Australia to support your living expenses. Also, Australia is amongst a few countries that offers Skilled migrant programs . In the UK , students are allowed to work on campus for 20 hours during the first year of their study.

Pros And Cons Of Studying In Australia

Australia is highly desirable destination for students allowed the globe.so here we have outlined some pros and cons of the countries to clear confusion.
A welcoming, vibrant and social culture. Tuition fees in Australia are comparatively cheaper than in the US. Student visa (subclass 500) allows students to work in Australia. Many natural sites and activities. Several recognised and respected programs.
The high cost of living - Australia is one of the most expensive countries in the world. Australian speech style and accent - Some international students think that it's very hard to decode the Australian speech style and accent, despite being proficient in English.

Why Choose Australia For Study?

If you are wondering why go to Australia for study, you should know that out of all the other countries, currently, Australia is the best study destination given the abundant job opportunities and immigration possibilities it provides. Also, Australia has a lower tuition fees as compared to the UK and US. Additionally, studying in Australia will enable you to live like a local and explore places and culture around you.



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